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Publicity and Education Division

The Division primarily educates the public on the evils of corruption and enlists its support in the fight against corruption, and has three departments namely Public Education, Public Relations and Research.

Purpose of the Division

The Publicity and Education Division is mandated to:

  • Promote  awareness  among the public of the causes  of corruption  and its effects on society
  • Enlist and foster public support in combating corruption in society
  • Educate the public on the dangers of corruption in society
  • Instruct, advise and assist any officer, agency or institution in the elimination of corruption

The Division conducts the following activities in its quest to meet the above objectives:

  1. Conducts mini surveys
  2. Exhibits at trade fairs and agricultural shows
  3. Conducts outreach programmes
  4. Makes presentations at workshops, on radios or television
  5. Holds meetings with various stakeholders
  6. Produces campaign materials
  • Conducted a mini survey whose aim was to investigate citizens’ perception on the role of the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission since its establishment.  The study was undertaken in the selected provinces of Mashonaland East, West, Central and Harare Metropolitan. The majority of the respondents perceived the establishment of the ZACC as a worthwhile undertaking, and acknowledged its instrumental role in combating corruption.
  • Participated at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair where opinion polls were conducted on various corruption -related issues. And in each case, respondents were of the view that corruption  was rife in the country and should be fought vigorously.
  • Conducted outreach programs to Belvedere and Seke Teachers’ College to enlist support of the students’ body on fighting corruption.
  • Made presentations in workshops conducted with the Ministry of Youths, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment
  • Participated in the march for the commemoration of United Nations Anti-Corruption Day on the invitation of African Parliamentarians Network Against Corruption (APNAC) where the Commission presented a paper to 28 members of parliament at Cresta Oasis Hotel.
  • Contributed on the mainstreaming of the anti-corruption education in the formal school curriculum
  • Produced campaign materials such as brochure, pamphlets, flyers etc
  • Made presentations on radio program to solicit support in the fight against corruption
  • Presented a paper at Lucy Ibboston Hall to Rotary Club Harare CBD members.
  • Attended a meeting at the Chitungwiza Municipality, a meeting convened at the behest of the Chitungwiza Commuter Operators’ Association
  • Held a stakeholder meeting with the Ministry of Justice officials on enhancing the anti-corruption fight
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